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Wakeup Diet 101

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• It's not what you eat. It's when and what you eat.
• It's not how well you exercise. It's when and how well you exercise.

Diagram of a Typical Day

The block diagram below sums up the basics of the Wakeup Diet.™ I've arranged the blocks to show the flow of the diet over a day's time. Day Plan B is for people that awake at night and have difficulty in getting back to sleep. A small, starchy meal brings on Mr. Sandman! (Four tablespoons of cooked brown rice with a light covering of unsweetened applesauce. Also a banana and soymilk.) Eat the rest of breakfast (protein only) when you rise. If you awake with a “sleep hangover,” taper off on the starchy pre-breakfast tomorrow.

Wakeup Diet: 
       Block diagram of main features
Wakeup Diet™: Main Features & Normal Process Flow (Day Plan A).
Click plan for Day Plan B (Four-Meal Variation). To return to Day Plan A, click plan again.

Proteins During the Day

The Wakeup Diet stresses largely protein meals during the day. In this respect, Day Plan B is the more ideal plan. A typical Day Plan B breakfast is sardines, salmon, lox or sprats. The beverage is water. A typical lunch for Day Plan A or B is a vegan soyburger without a bun or condiments. Again, the beverage is water. There are no snacks until just before the evening exercise period. After evening exercises, the dinner for either day plan allows all food groups, with extra starch at the end. Typical for this extra starch is one slice of peanut butter bread. Don't eat raisin bread, which has considerable refined sugar. The Day Plan A breakfast differs, because it includes starches with the protein. Both breakfasts include Omega-3 fats from the fish.


In the Wakeup Diet, we divide the 24-hour day into dayparts. Dayparts refer to event-determined sections of a 24-hour day. The diet syncs your circadian clock to these dayparts. For each individual on the diet, dayparts are a constant. Yet from one person to another, dayparts are adjustable and can vary slightly. That is, the Wakeup Diet doesn't schedule your day. Instead, the Wakeup Diet gives you the means to follow your own schedule. Of course, the schedule that you choose must be practical for your body.

After you set the basic pattern, your dayparts will be firm. You must plan around them, just as you normally plan around the workday.

Here's a typical plan...

Early morning
05:30 AM, Morning exercise
06:30 AM, Breakfast Time
08:00 AM, Morning Drive

09:00 AM, Early Morning
10:30 AM, Late Morning
12:00 PM, Lunchtime (later is better)

12:15 PM, Early Afternoon
03:00 PM, Late Afternoon

05:15 PM, Evening Drive
06:15 PM, Evening Snack
06:45 PM, Early Evening Exercise
07:45 PM, Exercise Snack Break
08:00 PM, Late Evening Exercise
09:00 PM, Shower & Change
09:15 PM, Dinnertime
10:15 PM, Late Night (Nap time)

This table is a general guideline. Dayparts vary slightly between different groups of individuals. We don't expect a night worker to adopt a daytime work plan. Also, some people spend more time commuting than others do.

Wakeup Diet Solutions

The table below lists four goals of phase-shifted individuals. The right column describes how the Wakeup Diet™ satisfies these goals. Note that Wakeup Diet methods aren't a la carte recipes. Each method might help by itself. Yet resetting the circadian clock requires adherence to the complete program. For narcolepsy, the Wakeup Diet is a lifelong routine.

Daypart Goal Wakeup Diet Solution
Morning Wake up fully
    Daily, morning exercises, before Wakeup Diet™ breakfast
Daytime Stay awake all day
  • Eliminate all daytime foods except small, protein lunch & occasional water.

  • Occasional, late-afternoon snack of Pritikin, non-fat broth is okay. Snack must not become part of regular routine.

  • No other snacks. Absolutely no coffee, tea or cola.
Nighttime Overnight sleep: Satisfying & effective
  • Daily, evening exercises before Wakeup Diet™ dinner.

  • Dinner, including balance of all food groups. At end, this meal emphasizes particular starches (“sleepy foods”).

  • Can't sleep through the night? Our “split breakfast plan” will help. When you awake at night, eat the starchy part of breakfast. (Example: Two tablespoons of oatmeal or Maltomeal®, plus a banana.) Now, back to sleep until the alarm rings. Then exercise. Afterward, eat just the protein part of breakfast. (Example: A can of sardines.) Take care! Maltomeal is a very powerful sleep inducer.
All Fix body temperature fluctuations
  • Wear layered clothing. Add or remove layers as necessary.

  • Wear short sleeves.

  • For overheating, apply ice pack to back of neck. Keep room temperature chilly, to where you just get goose bumps.

  • Drink water periodically.

  • Take brisk walk, preferably outside.

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WARNING FOR USERS ON MEDICATION. As far as I know, this diet is incompatible with narcolepsy or cataplexy medications. I haven't tested the diet on individuals that use orthodox narcolepsy treatments: Daytime stimulants and nighttime depressants (agents that promote chemical manic depression). Medicated narcoleptics who wish success with this diet must withdraw from narcolepsy medications under a physician's supervision. (Withdrawl is difficult, but others on this diet have completed it successfully.) Elements of this diet might help some people on medications. Although I haven't designed the diet for piecemeal use, I hope that maybe some element might help. See our "tips" pages: and . The risks of your experimentation are your own. I assume no liability.

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