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• It's not what you eat. It's when, and what you eat.
• It's not how well you exercise. It's when, and how well you exercise.

Can We Increase Orexin?

Self-Hacked claims that pickles, sauerkraut, fish (Omega 3s) and daily exercise can increase orexin. Self-Hacked also advises reducing carbs and boosting the intake of dietary protein. [1] These recommendations and foods are compatible with the Wakeup Diet. (Compatibility requires that you maintain the Wakeup Diet schedule.)

                 Joining puzzle pieces

Is Self-Hacked right that certain remedies can increase orexin? Maybe. For example, the Wakeup Diet does relieve narcolepsy effects. And many of these effects seem to descend from narcoleptics' orexin deficiency. But the picture might be more complicated. Conclusion: We don't know for sure if Self-Hacked is right.

May be harmful. Many Self-Hacked remedies seem to reduce blood sugar levels. The idea is that blood orexin levels increase as blood sugar levels decrease. True, but how much change is the right amount? What if you have diabetes? What if the “remedy” makes you shiver uncontrollably? Words to the wise: Some allegedly “orexin-increasing” measures are harmful, or even deadly. “Remedies” have side effects. Increasing orexin shouldn't be an end in itself. Look before you leap.

• NOTICE. For more information about a footnoted topic, click the footnote. (Examples: [1], [2], [3].) The footnotes include an informal summary of heath alerts. For a link to further details, click on a footnote title of interest (in blue).

CAUTION. Some practices and treatments that Self-Hacked recommends are not compatible with the Wakeup Diet. See the table below.

Wakeup Diet Compatibility Table

AVOID: Not Compatible with Wakeup Diet
•Green tea (Caffeinated tea is a taboo, as it shifts circadian rhythms).
•Dopamine, including through herbs (Many addictions involve this neurotransmitter).
•Fructose binges (Sugar; stores as fat; possibly addictive).
•Bag breathing (Oh, come on).
•Keto diets (The Wakeup Diet isn't ketogenic).
•Yohimbe (Stimulant; upsets circadian rhythms; irritates urethra; distorts perception & reasoning; causes frequent passage of orange urine; endangers several organ systems). [2]
•Glucosamine (No effect).
•Nicotine (Dangerous carcinogen; addictive stimulant).
•Alcohol (Depressant; causes attacks & upsets circadian rhythms).
•Marijuana, THC (Depressant; causes attacks & upsets circadian rhythms).
•Prescription opiates (Dangerous depressants; can be hallucinogenic; cause attacks & upset circadian rhythms).

AVOID: May Not Be Compatible
•Forskolin (May be unsafe; blood thinner; promotes headaches; untested). [3]
•Berberine (No effect). [4],[5]
•Noni (No effect). [6],[7]
•Galantamine (Untested). [8]
•Other hormones, neurotransmitters, & pathways (Untested & far-fetched).

HELPFUL: Compatible with Wakeup Diet
•Cold exposure (within reason, such as standing on a cold, basement floor). Foods: •Pickles, sauerkraut, fish (Omega 3s). OTC Medications: •CBD oil without THC (CBD for pain, not for narcolepsy symptoms). Behaviors: •Daily exercise. •Reducing carbs. •Increasing protein. •NOTE. Meals & exercise periods must follow Wakeup Diet schedule.

WARNING. If you are a diabetic, or have difficulties with your blood sugar level: Avoid treatments, supplements, herbs, or remedies that alter your blood sugar level. Anything that modifies or reduces your blood sugar level may jeopardize your health. Consult with a licensed medical doctor before changing diet or exercise routines.

CAUTION. The claims of Self-Hacked are the exclusive opinions of its author. This statement is true, despite citations from allegedly reputable researchers. Science is a moving target. Scientific opinions differ, even among peers. These opinions are subject to refutation, disagreement, or modification. While Self-Hacked is intriguing, I don't warrant any claims by Self-Hacked. You're on your own. —The Webmaster


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Re: There are parallels between recommendations on this “Self-Hacked” blog page & Wakeup Diet.

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4. “Berberine”: Webmaster personally tested Berberine capsules by Naturegenics during the month of July, 2021.
Details: Quantity: 2 capsules per day. Dose total (for both capsules): 1 gram. 30-day test produced no noticeable effect.

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6. “Noni”: Webmaster personally tested Noni capsules by Swanson Vitamins starting in November, 2022 (60 daily doses).
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8. “Galantamine,” (See sections: “Precautions” and “Interactions”) Root site: WebMD.com, last modification March 12, 2021, access on March 13, 2021, https://is.gd/NCanQN
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WARNING FOR USERS ON MEDICATION. As far as I know, this diet is incompatible with narcolepsy or cataplexy medications. I haven't tested the diet on individuals that use orthodox narcolepsy treatments: Daytime stimulants and nighttime depressants (agents that promote chemical manic depression). Medicated narcoleptics who wish success with this diet must withdraw from narcolepsy medications under a physician's supervision. (Withdrawl is difficult, but others on this diet have completed it successfully.) Elements of this diet might help some people on medications. Although I haven't designed the diet for piecemeal use, I hope that maybe some element might help. See our "tips" pages: and . The risks of your experimentation are your own. I assume no liability.

WARNING. No medical body has reviewed, authorized, approved or disapproved the statements on this Web domain. This domain exists for information purposes only. The page solely represents my observations, opinions and discoveries. The Food and Drug Administration hasn't evaluated this domain. I don't intend this domain as a treatment, cure or means of prevention for any disease. I make no warranty for the processes that I discuss here. I make no guarantee as to accuracy or reliability of my observations, opinions or methods. I hope to serve and to help. Yet you must use this domain at your own risk. Your errors, failures and regrets are your own business. Your discoveries, successes and happiness are your own achievements.
— The Webmaster

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